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Commercial data and information sent by SmartPack Company are confidential. Therefore, please do not inform other entities about company’s offers, special deals and form of cooperation.

Also, we would like to inform that the data and materials received from our customers during processing their orders will not be shared with other entities, nor in any way sent out without the customers’ agreement.

Order Processing Regulations

We start processing the order once we have all needed materials from our customer. Changing materials during order fulfillment may result in price variation.

All orders will be processed on the basis of materials shared by the customer or materials owned by SmartPack.

Receiving from customer good quality materials is the guarantee of good SmartPack service 

Responsibility for sharing ready product with third parties rely solely on SmartPack customer. 

All steps in order processing require customer’s approval. 

If the customer orders the digital project of the box, SmartPack is obliged to deliver it on CD disc with Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)

In case the customer orders graphic design to be delivered by SmartPack then the customer does not receive an open electronic project and the SmartPack does not allow its reproduction. Transfer of rights to any use to the Customer and the transfer of an open electronic work can be done at the Customer’s request, which doubles the value of the graphic preparation of the order.

The deadline is calculated from the date of receiving the order which has all necessary data or from the date of acceptance of the project by the customer.

Failure to meet the deadline may only be possible when  unexpected events occur, such as a machine failure or a random accident, of which the customer will be informed immediately.

Order is processed without a down payment, however there is a payment for certain stages:

– for project preparation,

– after completing the order.

  • Discounts are available only for regular customers, after an analysis of semi-annual turnover, and are negotiated individually.
  • All prices quoted are net prices. You must add 23% VAT.

We take full responsibility for our work only to the extent that it covers it.

With comprehensive orders, we take full responsibility for the work performed, except for factual errors and resulting from poor customer correction.

Delivering Premium Cardboard Packaging and solutions in line with one-stop-shopping idea. 

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